Letters to the Editor

Letter of the Week, Jan. 11-17: Judith A. Kreiling

Honor Dan Nolan by continuing his outstanding legacy

Originally published on Jan. 14

As the community is mourning the death of Dr. Dan Nolan, former teacher, principal, district administrator and superintendent, we should also live to continue his legacy.

Dr. Nolan was respected throughout the state and served on the Florida Council of Educational Management with Cecil Golden, then commissioner of education. His concepts and theories of leadership permeated education in Florida for years.

Dan, as a one-time English teacher, commented that a quote I had on my wall by Goethe was one that he also lived by: "Treat people as they ought to be treated and help them become what they are capable of being."

Dan's style of leadership exemplified developing people. He was a visionary who understood that it took talented people to bring visions to reality.

I am proud to say he was my mentor who at times saw more potential in me than I did of myself, and under his direction in the many roles he served in the district I was able to flourish. In recent days I have heard the same sentiment from many, many others.

He and his wife, Marilyn, also became personal friends and I cherish that he was a kind, giving person who always wanted to share the latest pictures of little pups at home.

Manatee County schools, and the larger Manatee community in which he also served in numerous capacities, would honor Dan Nolan by practicing his style of leadership and living with integrity and dignity.

Judith A. Kreiling


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