Letters to the Editor

Islamic fanatics follow violent teachings in Quran

My initial reluctance to read Mr. Ali Mamouri's commentary entitled "Islam's long history of tolerance of critics" on the Jan. 9 Opinion page was based on the history of Islam's intolerance for unbelievers, but I read it anyway. Islamic teachings date to the prophet Muhammad, a religious leader from AD 609 to AD 632, generally credited with originating the oral traditions of the Quran.

These instructions for Islamic believers are in today's Quran: God loves those who fight; slay those who don't convert to Islam; when you meet unbelievers chop off their heads; those who reject Islam are the vilest of creatures ... and deserve no mercy; fight them until Islam reigns supreme in the world." The word "Islam" means submission to Muslim beliefs.

Islamic terrorism worldwide was highlighted in the U.S. by destruction of New York's World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, killing nearly 3,000 people, and recently focused on France's Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris a few days ago. Passionate Islamic extremists are continuing to conduct an aggressive religious war in the Mideast, and are focussed on politically selected targets worldwide, intended to terrorize and force the world to accept their beliefs and convert to Islam.

The front page of the same Jan. 9 Herald reports the "Rev." Terry Jones has opened Fry Guys Gourmet Fries right here in Bradenton's DeSoto Square mall! This is the man who created front-page headlines in 2010 when he threatened to burn a pile of Qurans at his church in Gainesville.

I'm glad the DeSoto Square mall is attracting new businesses and shoppers, but Mr. Jones' war with Islamic extremists is ongoing and his Fry Guys business would be a logical target for his enemies.

This public information is well documented and clearly at odds with Mr. Mamouri's comments about the peacefulness of the world's Islamic fanatics.

Richard Evanson