Letters to the Editor

America represents liberty, hope as Founders intended

Happy new year. The news lately has a common theme: America is booming. The stock market is up and interest rates are down. Employment is surging and gas prices are tanking (pun intended). The dollar is strong and so is American's confidence in our future. The deficit is a record low while new home construction is a record high.

I could go on and on, but that's not the point of this letter; nor will I judge the veracity of the above statements, I'm just reiterating what we are being told.

The above articles I've read and corresponding sidebar opinions remind me of an old saying; "Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan." Who is taking credit for the booming America? Washington, Wall Street, K-Street, Democrats, Republicans, unions, etc.

Who do I think is responsible for our current "success" and past failures? America. Not Americans, but America. Who created the America we live in today? Our Founding Fathers who wrote the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution; I believe the most important political charters ever written. America provides everyone who lives or immigrates here the opportunity to succeed or fail because of freedom and liberty. The killing fields aren't just Cambodia today, they're in Europe, Cuba, Asia, Africa and growing. People die to live here; they would rather die for a taste of freedom than live in oppression with no hope, opportunity, or liberty.

Thank you, America, for being what you are: hope, liberty, the shining city on a hill.

Dale Woodland

Anna Maria