Letters to the Editor

Investigator Troy Pumphrey, Superintendent Rick Mills should be ousted from Manatee County school district

Troy Pumphrey should pack his bags and get out of town -- now! And he should take his boss, Rick Mills, with him.

It is both incredibly arrogant and amazingly ignorant that Pumphrey could accuse Dave "Watchdog" Miner of racial bias. Miner's problem with Pumphrey relates to Pumphrey's lack of competence, ethical failings, and illegal conduct in conducting a bogus investigation of an elected school board member.

That illegal investigation was in retaliation for Miner's principled opposition to Mills' ill-advised proposal to sell McKelvey Park. Mills does not like to be challenged, even by one of his bosses, and he struck back using Pumphrey. Shame on both of them.

Pumphrey is obviously unaware of Miner's track record on civil rights issues. In 2009, Miner received the Southern Christian Leadership Conference's Drum Major for Justice award. An EEOC investigation would reveal that Miner has always been a champion of equal opportunity in the workplace and in society.

We need to take back our school district. So long as Mills is at the helm with Pumphrey as his henchman, our schools will continue their downward spiral toward political cronyism and retribution. Ask local educators, at least those who are not afraid to speak publicly during this regime of retaliation, what they think of Mills' leadership. It is a sad tale.

Let's all say goodbye to Rick and Troy, two of the worst things that have happened to this community.

Scott Bassett