Letters to the Editor

School board candidate Mary Cantrell not carpetbagger, but committed to Manatee County

Some supporting Julie Aranibar have called Mary Cantrell a carpetbagger. The term carpetbagging, while severely outdated, implies that one is here, unwelcome, and taking advantage of people.

Why was it OK, for 18 years, for Mary Cantrell to commute to Manatee Technical Institute from St. Pete (so that her husband could work for the Lion's Club Eye Bank in Tampa), but it's not OK for her to rent a home in Manatee County to run for a seat on the school board? Not being homesteaded in a place doesn't mean one can't run for office there and be dedicated to improving it.

Is she unwelcome? I see hundreds of Cantrell yard signs sprinkled about town. Those people sure don't seem to have a problem with her. Enough with the slander.

No one is perfect. Mary Cantrell is the first to admit that she is not perfect. From our experience with her over the years, she always does what's best for the students. Always.

She doesn't break rules. Believe it or not, she did not break a rule by renting a home in District 5. She didn't even bend the rule. She complied fully with the regulations and that's an indisputable fact.

When Mary is elected, the change we will see will be a definitive stride toward excellence in education. This is what Mary Cantrell is known for as she has dedicated her life to helping children and adults get the best education possible. She's made MTI No. 1 in the nation and she can take our district to No. 1, if we all work together.

That's why our family and friends will be proudly voting for Mary Cantrell for school board on Nov. 4.

Lela and Mike Hartsaw