Letters to the Editor

Cyclists at fault for breaking traffic laws

Left my house to get the paper Sunday morning in my car, driving in the car lane with the flow of traffic, obeying all the stop signs, etc. I was startled when approaching a stop sign; two cyclists appeared in my lane, against traffic and not in the bike lane.

Of course, I get hand gestures from the cyclists as I sit shaking in my car, in my legal lane from nearly unintentionally hurting two people that were not following the laws/rules of bike riding.

Later in the day I am reminded of the cycle groups that ride every weekend in our neighborhood. Why is it I witness and hear "clear" from the lead rider when approaching stop signs? Are they not supposed to obey stop signs? Are they exempt? No, they are not.

Follow the rules, people. Prevent an accident. Prevent an innocent driver, following the rules, to have to deal with rest of their life of hurting someone because basic traffic laws were not followed by a cyclist.

Trina Bier