Letters to the Editor

Politicians ‘gutless’ about winning way to wage a war

We won World War II in four years after our forced entry. If we had executed the war in the same manner as we have the current war, or Vietnam for that matter, you'd be reading this in a different language, if at all.

Americans have become "war weary" with Iraq and Afghanistan after 13 years of the politicians meddling. There's no one in the executive branch who knows anything about waging war or operating a business for that matter. In the 1940s we would have become "war weary" also after a decade or more.

In the 1940s we carpet-bombed cities without regard for the people's politics. The feeling was if the populace was foolish enough to subscribe to our enemy's actions, they would have to pay the price. Now we are attempting to pinpoint bomb the "bad guys" who hide amongst people who allow them to rule while they scurry around like roaches.

Maybe if their leaders hadn't taken away their right to be armed they could have resisted.

Back then we were more concerned with our lives than "collateral damage." Let's not worry what the UN thinks; that organization is as bad as the League of Nations was.

We lost over 50,000 brave GIs in Vietnam while the gutless politicians tried to orchestrate the war from Washington. If we allow the military to conduct war they won't last as long.

I am a decorated officer of the Vietnam War. I know that to be true.

Frank Eldridge

Palma Sola