Letters to the Editor

Carol Whitmore a public servant who serves constituents

First I want to congratulate the Bradenton Herald for seeing through all the mudslinging and recommending Carol Whitmore for re-election to the county commission unlike the online liberals who think that if you say something bad about someone enough times eventually it may stick.

Carol Whitmore has been what a politician is supposed to be -- a servant and spokesperson to her constituents for many years, which cannot be said about many politicians.

Do politicians make mistakes? They sure do but to continually bash them whether true or not is wrong. Voters are smarter than a lot of the liberal media give them credit for.

So once again my vote will go to Ms. Whitmore because like Joe McClash before her she has been good for Manatee County.

Tom O'Brien, President, C&D Fruit & Vegetable Co. Bradenton