Letters to the Editor

Patrick Roff proven many times to citizen problem-solver while on Bradenton City Council

I was thrilled, though not surprised, to see the Bradenton Herald's endorsement of Patrick Roff for Ward 3 City Councilman. From the time I bought a house in Point Pleasant over 12 years ago, then another house in Wares Creek seven years ago, I have found him to be a very consistent and responsive representative for his constituents.

While living in Point Pleasant, I had an issue with the city government and the police department regarding the legitimacy of a city ordinance, but I was stonewalled. I did not even receive a reply to my letter until I asked Mr. Roff for assistance.

He resolved the issue, giving it a considerable amount of his time and restored my shaken faith in this municipality.

During my years living in Wares Creek, I have found him to be very proactive in seeking resolutions that involve safety and environmental improvements in the neighborhood. There is always an immediate call back and effective action consistent with any concern.

Mr. Roff has been active in our Neighborhood Watch and spearheads frequent Wares Creek cleanups, both of which enhance safety and the environment, as well as promoting pride in our neighborhood.

I believe there is no other rational choice than Patrick Roff to represent Ward 3 on the City Council.

Karen Brazell