Letters to the Editor

In support of Anna Maria's experienced candidates

Re: Anna Maria candidate forum Oct. 21.

I arrived early to speak with the new candidates Dan Murphy (mayor) and David Bouchard (commission). They were both very pleasant gentlemen. I was impressed with each candidate's position and willingness to serve in our city government (thank you to all candidates).

Then came the introductions. All expressed laudable positions on why they should be re-elected or elected. Through the Q&A portion, I appreciated the enthusiasm of the first-time candidates, but got the distinct impression they were cheerleading for issues that our experienced government officials knew to stay clear of; primarily compromising on certain island issues/problems but not all issues.

The issue most referenced was the recent moratorium on housing permits with four or more bedrooms (or rooms that could be used as bedrooms). The new first-time candidates didn't agree with the handling of the situation.

The fact is compromise doesn't work when we are being deceived. The deceivers simply ask for more compromise until they are able to "get around" the compromise.

I think our government's "blocking and tackling" tactics on today's priority issues/problems are gaining positive and significant momentum for residents, but only after years of attempts and years of unfortunate resident attrition.

For the foreseeable future we're going to need Anna Maria governing experience guiding us in matters of government and regulation. People naturally vote for whom they've gotten to know and appreciate.

And, though I appreciate both new candidates, I don't know them. I'd like to. Any one willing to run for Anna Maria mayor or a commission seat should be applauded.

However, I'm planning to vote for the experienced candidates who have expressed their forthright resident allegiance consistently: Commissioners Chuck Webb and Nancy Yetter and Mayor SueLynn.

John S. "Jack" Brennan

Anna Maria