Letters to the Editor

Terri Wonder wouldn't fall prey to developers as Manatee commissioner

Wonder wouldn't fall prey to developers

There has been a lot of conversation about whether or not Terri Wonder voted, or should have voted, in past elections. Our real concern should be Carol Whitmore's voting record while she has been a commissioner.

Too many times she was the swing vote with a trio of commissioners who never met a developer that they didn't love, even those who have sued the county several times for novel and specious reasons.

Terri Wonder's resume includes experience briefing colonels and generals on societal concerns in a war zone. We can expect that, as commissioner, she will join with moderates Robin DiSabatino and John Chappie, and newcomer Charles Smith to brief a colonel, a career developer employee and a businessperson from developer heaven about the legitimate concerns of most of the county's current residents.

Bill Burggraf