Letters to the Editor

Manatee commission candidate Terri Wonder cannot be considered a military veteran

Wonder cannot portray herself as a military veteran

Does Ms. Terri Wonder know what a veteran is?

A veteran is someone who has served in the Armed Forces and received an honorable discharge, regardless how many years they were in.

If you are hired by the government to work with the military and perform a certain job, you are a civilian contractor.

I have been both. After I retired from the military, I was hired by a company that had a DoD contract. I was a civilian employee, not a veteran. When I briefed general/flag officers, I was introduced as a civilian, not by any military title.

The same when I briefed anyone from Congress. If you are advising military personnel you are a contractor or advisor, not military.

If Ms. Wonder talks about going "outside the area with her bodyguards and being under mortar attack," this does not make a person a veteran.

I hope Ms. Wonder starts using the correct terms in her talks.

Don Courtney