Letters to the Editor

Obama makes poor choice with Ebola czar appointment

Headline in the Oct. 18 Herald: "Ebola czar: Political insider has no medical background"

When did the Democratic Party change from helping others to helping themselves?

President Obama appointed Ron Klain, a Democratic insider politician, to be his Ebola czar. The president hired someone who could pacify the unsuspecting public with charming discourse and empty answers.

Klain will report to Lisa Monaco, White House homeland security adviser, and Susan Rice, national security adviser. Since Ebola is a matter of national security, why doesn't President Obama enforce a 21-day quarantine for people travelling from West Africa to the United States?

Democratic President Barack Obama has a penchant for appointing/hiring, at taxpayers' expense, the wrong people: Kathleen Sebelius of HHS, Eric Shinseki of the VA, and Julia Pierson of the Secret Service.

In this instance, Democratic President Obama could have reached across the aisle, if necessary, to get the best person for the job of Ebola czar. Perhaps President Obama could have tapped ex-Sen. Bill Frist, M.D., whom is also familiar with Africa.

Even Florida Sen. Bill Nelson could not get on board with the decision to appoint Ron Klain.

During this election season, remember the foolishness of the Democrats who voted with President Obama and are now running from him while campaigning.

This is not my dad's Democratic Party.

K.E. Rettler