Letters to the Editor

Vote Terri Wonder as Manatee County commissioner; Carol Whitmore's campaign questionable

My letter is to contradict published letters "Whitmore critics ignore her successes" and "Debate exposed Wonder unfit for office."

No one has ignored Commissioner Whitmore's successes. The enigma is why she resorts to untruths. She accuses candidate Terri Wonder of a bad voting record. Wonder and her volunteers have explained her voting record each time.

Worst of all, Whitmore says Wonder is lying about her military service. One letter writer says Wonder only wants a job. Wonder quit her job to work full time on her campaign.

Whitmore credits herself to deal with the recession. The turmoil was felt by all citizens and officials. She has campaign signs all over the county.

Wonder has signs all over the county also. Many of Wonder's signs have been stolen or destroyed. To me, this is suspicious and illegal.

Successful people do not use their unfortunate teenage life to elevate their status or seek sympathy. Whitmore says she was thrown out on the street, abused, lived in a blighted area of Bradenton Beach, and her parents were alcoholics.

Attorney Ed Vogler represents Neal Homes. During the Robinson Farm legal battle, Mr. Vogler offered Greg Geraldson and me reimbursement of legal fees and a cash settlement to drop our case. We would not accept, and three different administrative hearings upheld our objections.

Vogler also represents Carlos Beruff (Long Bar Pointe). On Whitmore's Facebook page, she lists Vogler, Pat Neal, and Beruff as her friends. There are many untruths.

Vote for Terri Wonder. We need her.

Katie Pierola