Letters to the Editor

Manatee County Animal Services should offer some weekend services

I was driving down State Road 70 on Saturday afternoon, and as I approached Ninth Street East before Golf Lakes, there was a dead dog lying in the gutter on the south side of the road. Evidently, someone hit it and dragged to the side of the road.

I tried calling Manatee County Animal Services to find out who was responsible for picking up dead animals, and their answering service told me that they are not open on the weekends and she didn't know who I could call either.

It seems the Bradenton powers that be think nothing ever happens on the weekends to warrant them to be open or have someone on call to handle any problem that may arise. I think that is pretty darn sad.

Chances are that dead dog laid there until Monday when someone at Animal Services would be there to take the call.

Geraldine Rowland