Letters to the Editor

Mary Cantrell the best choice for Manatee school board

Joan Shirey's letter of Oct. 12 tries to convince "Joe Public" that Julie Aranibar is a suitable candidate for school board. Starting to smell like desperation to me.

First, she claims that Dr. Cantrell isn't qualified for the board because she only has a degree in education. I'm sure our teachers loved that one, especially new board member (and teacher) Charlie Kennedy.

Setting aside her three degrees in education and leadership, Dr. Cantrell's qualifications surpass any that Julie Aranibar may have -- whatever those might be.

The MTI logo issue? Please. The logo isn't copyrighted or trademarked, and I was not surprised to see the association since Dr. Cantrell spent the last 18 years as its leader.

Even so, Dr. Cantrell voluntarily removed the logo to avoid discord. Imagine that! Avoiding discord! Ever watch a board meeting under Aranibar's "leadership?" It's the very definition of discord.

Next, Joan states that Dr. Cantrell's table at Music on Main was not allowed. I checked. The application signed by Dr. Cantrell and approved by LWR Commercial clearly identifies its purpose as political. I guess Aranibar was hoping we'd take Joan's word for it.

Finally, Joan tells us that board members should know policy and finance matters, but generously overlooks Aranibar's struggles with both. Again, watch a board meeting. As for finances, one need look no further than county public records to get a full picture of Aranibar's capabilities in that arena.

Mary Cantrell has worked tirelessly for this district, investing her time and heart in the lives of those students who embarked on their post-secondary education through the doors of MTI. She has earned the support of those who wish to see positive change in our district and on this board.

Vote for change, vote for Dr. Mary Cantrell Nov. 4.

Michelle Jimenez-Baserva