Letters to the Editor

Julie Aranibar the best choice for Manatee school board

Let's take a closer look at the two candidates for school board.

Julie Aranibar, as chairwoman of the school board, has been instrumental in making sweeping changes in a school district that was corrupt and dysfunctional. Julie has volunteered for many years in improving the school district. On the other had, Mary Cantrell's only interaction with Manatee County and the administration was to take home a handsome salary and retirement.

Julie Aranibar has lived in Manatee County since 1998. Her opponent lives in Pinellas County where she is homesteaded and pays taxes and votes. Any candidate who is willing to deceive the public and act without integrity in the simplest of requirements is going to exemplify those poor moral standards if elected.

Julie Aranibar has been in the forefront of getting a balanced budget for the $600 million managed by the school district. Julie Aranibar is working diligently to update the policies and procedures of the school district which were sadly out of date. Her opponent is actively flaunting these policies and procedures by using MTI's logo and refusing to remove her campaign signs after receiving a cease and desist order to remove them.

Julie Aranibar has stayed the course through a disruptive reorganization of the school district. Be wary of Julie's opponent, who is endorsed by the very people who are responsible for the district collapse.

Sarah Schatz