Letters to the Editor

Here's hoping a James Madison likeness becomes U.S. president

How sweet it would be.

My invitation says I'm 75 years old! This is a notice from my high school about having a 75th "birthday reunion." How can this be? I think and act like I'm 20. OK, act like I'm 30.

Our class was mostly born in 1939; what a year to be born! On Sept. 1, 1939, World War 11 started when Germany invaded Poland.

Ours was the class of 1957. What a year to graduate high school! On March 10, 1957, Osama bin Laden was born.

"The class of '57 had its dreams," so the song goes. And I still have a dream. The dream is that a James Madison likeness steps forward to lead our country. I hope it's a dream come true. Will you dream with me?

David Cohen

Myakka City