Letters to the Editor

In Manatee County commission race, Carol Whitmore errs on land use; Terri Wonder represents all people

While chatting with Carol Whitmore last summer about the proposed mega development on Long Bar Pointe, imagine my surprise when Carol told me we needed the gigantic hotel for "Arab princes."

She said that Arab princes visiting their children at IMG were forced to stay at the Ritz Carlton. I asked if she was willing to destroy the fragile ecosystem on Long Bar Pointe for Arab princes; she said "no."

Tim Tebow spent two weeks at IMG and was forced to stay at the Ritz Carlton or the Hilton. This information was included in a presentation IMG gave to the tourism and convention center board that Carol had chaired.

I got stuck in the mud with Long Bar Pointe developer Carlos Beruff in his pickup truck. We were in the uplands near the road. Yet Carol voted to allow a mega hotel and convention center on land that couldn't support a pickup truck during the rainy season.

Carol voted for mixed-use development on Long Bar Pointe. If she had voted with Commissioners Chappie, DiSabitino and Gallen, the motion would have failed.

This is not about small stores, those are already allowed. It is about Arab princes, professional athletes, the rich and famous. Everything and everyone else was not worth consideration.

We want a commissioner who represents all residents, not just big contributors expecting a return on their investment. Previously, Lieberman and Beruff combined contributed over $10,000 to Carol.

We are supporting Terri Wonder. She will represent all of the people.

She was recruited by the Army to work as an Army civilian in Iraq, interviewing people in the war zone. She was also sent into the prison to interview terrorists. She was awarded the Army's highest civilian medal for her work. She will serve Manatee County with the same honor and distinction.

Barbara Hines

Holmes Beach