Letters to the Editor

'Boots on the ground' are our soldiers, not some abstract idea

I heard a "snippet" by a liberal comedian on the radio recently. It was important. What is often said by some politicos and so-called authorities and pundits on TV about the war going on in the Middle East, Iraq and Syria, ISIS, etc., is "it cannot be won without boots on the ground."

The snippet was "Don't call them boots on the ground! There are men and women in those boots. They are our young people in the U.S. armed forces."

Remember that when you so casually talk about sending in "boots on the ground." They are not just boots, but flesh and blood human beings. They are somebody's children, brother, sister, father, or even mother -- not just "boots."

Let's not send them to war unnecessarily. Caution, great caution should be used before taking such a step. Boots indeed!

Sandra J. Gander