Letters to the Editor

Are new viruses in U.S. caused by germ warfare?

Why doesn't our government get it? With all of the viruses that we are suddenly getting in our country that have always been confined to the Middle East. What better way to fight us?

The bombings of the Twin Towers and at the Boston Marathon woke us up for a day or two, but it seems our rivals in the Middle East have taken another stance in their fight.

We have never had so many new viruses in our country in its history. We are being inundated with different flu viruses, the Ebola virus, viruses spread by mosquitoes, and the new deadly Entero virus that is attacking our young people, causing their deaths.

When are they going to grasp the concept "germ warfare" and do something about it? The EPA and the American Medical Association are not doing enough. When are they going to begin checking new visitors from foreign countries to make sure they are not bringing some virus here to eradicate us?

Ernie Snow