Letters to the Editor

Terri Wonder endured horrors of war, mother states

We have followed closely the Manatee County Commission race over the past months. It is amazing to both my husband and myself at the innuendo and deceptions Terri Wonder has had to endure. My main concern is the distortion of her military service -- "did she really wear fatigues, was she really on the ground," etc.

The purpose of this letter is to set the record straight. I personally know what she did and the danger she was in as were the rest of our servicemen.

After she obtained her doctorate at USF, she was hired by the Department of Defense, trained on base in Kansas, was flown by military air from the Army's Conus Replacement Center at Fort Benning, Ga. and then sent to Anbar Province in Iraq, living in the same conditions as the rest of our service men and women.

How do I know this? I am her mother and I know the angst, worry and terror of having your child in this area. The news media gives an hour-to-hour update and until you get that email "I am OK, Mom," the reality of it all reminds you where she is.

I am her mother, not some politician making up facts for their own benefit and end. So, she rode in tanks, Humvees, was shot at from helicopters and saw what happens when an IED explodes. Yes, she was there, two deployments and was proud to be part of helping that war torn country.

Linda Emmel