Letters to the Editor

Continue Manatee County school district recovery; re-elect Julie Aranibar to board

The Manatee County School District needs Julie Aranibar in order to continue our recovery from the corrupt, dysfunctional school administration that bankrupted the district not only financially but academically.

Students and teachers were relegated to a back seat behind the developers, and friends and relatives who needed jobs and/or lucrative contracts. The district imploded under this corrupt administration and for the past two years have been on a long and difficult recovery.

We now have a superintendent and administration that is working hard for the students, not special interests. This is evidenced by a 20 percent increase in all school grades. For the first time in years, the teachers have been given a raise.

Julie Aranibar was one of the first board members who spoke out originally of the problems in the district and she has continued to oversee stabilizing the school district.

There have been numerous audits that have exposed incompetence in the administration. Many of these audits are ongoing and have been turned over to state and federal authorities for further investigation. We have not seen the end of this yet.

Julie's opponent is on a campaign of vengeance over being fired from her job as administrator of Manatee Technical Institute. Julie's opponent's supervision of the finances of MTI are still being investigated by an independent auditing firm.

Julie has lived in Manatee County since 1998, has two children who graduated from Manatee schools, and has extensive volunteer credits. Her opponent has maintained her homestead exemption and pays taxes in Pinellas County.

Julie has contributed to Manatee County, her opponent has only taken from our county. Julie is endorsed by the teachers union, bus drivers and cafeteria and trade workers. Her opponent has no school endorsements.

Let's keep moving forward. Re-elect Julie Aranibar.

Jean Gallagher