Letters to the Editor

Isolate Ebola-stricken nations with travel ban

It is time for the Centers for Disease Control to be completely forthright with the American people. Ebola, according to the CDC, is transmissible by human body fluids, including saliva as well as blood, urine, vomitus, diarrhea and semen. They say it requires "close contact," which it defines as being "within three feet" of the infected individual.

We have all probably had someone who was talking have small drops of their spittle end up in our eye or mouth. What if they had infective Ebola? Spittle is saliva.

Nothing in medicine says people cannot get two infections at once. What would happen if an infective Ebola person with respiratory influenza with frequent coughing producing airborne particles (foamites) was within three feet of someone?

The government does not want to ban flights from the west African epicenter countries because it might hinder getting medical supplies in. All these countries have military air bases with runways. Use them!

They say the economies would be damaged. They have been and it will get much worse unless a vaccine and/or mass-produced effective medications are developed -- soon.

The incubation period is up to 21 days before symptoms.

In the meantime, I believe there should be a travel ban except for governmental purposes from these countries.

You can go to petitions.whitehouse.gov and sign one now.

What do we want? Stop the flights and visas. Now! When do we want it? Now!

Craig Trigueiro, MD

Lakewood Ranch