Letters to the Editor

Kudos to Julie Aranibar, Manatee Glens for boosting student's career interest

My daughter is a junior at Manatee High School (my alma mater) in the medical academy. We were having problems arranging a medical practitioner that she could "shadow" for a class project because of my daughter's field of interest.

My daughter is very mature, which convinced the teacher to allow her to start in psychology (which is usually not allowed) -- if we could find someone who would allow her in their practice.

After a few weeks of trying, we reached out to Ms. Julie Aranibar because of what we've heard she's done for the schools and being involved with kids. After just a couple days we heard back from the lady in charge of a facility and a counselor who was exceedingly patient and gracious.

I honestly believe Ms. Aranibar and the professionals at Manatee Glens (Ms. Mary Ruiz and Mr. Charles Whitfield) made a lasting impression on my daughter; she seems to have made up her mind about what she wants to do with her life.

I don't know about the inside politics that I've read lately, but when it comes time to do something for the children, I know who stepped up. Thank you, Ms. Aranibar, and Manatee Glens professionalism.

Sean Starowesky