Letters to the Editor

Manatee County needs more bike lanes, sidewalks for public safety

I am writing concerning a problem that we have in our county concerning the lack of bike lanes and sidewalks in several areas, including north of Palmetto. I have sent emails to our county commissioner but have had very little response.

I am hoping that by writing the Herald that we can increase public interest and support of improving the safety of our roads by increasing the number of major roads that have bike lanes and sidewalks.

I am specifically concerned about Mendoza Road, Canal Road, Experimental Farm Road, Ellenton Gillette Road and Moccasin Wallow Road. We are unable to safely ride our bikes or walk along major sections of these roads because they are heavily traveled by cars and have minimal shoulder areas.

The response that I got from the county commissioner's office was that they only have $300,000 per year in their budget for sidewalks and bike lanes and therefore they are unable to help with this problem.

We need to make our roads safe so our families can use them to ride our bikes and walk without being fearful of getting run over by cars. Maybe by increasing public awareness, we could even come up with a solution to increase funding that would assist in fixing this problem.

Meria Stanfield