Letters to the Editor

FSU athletic office failing in contrast to UF's example

This a tale of two schools. First, we have the University of Florida in Gainesville. Recently their promising backup quarterback Treon Harris was accused of sexual assault. He was immediately suspended from school, the football team and the campus. Luckily for Treon, he was cleared and was allowed to return.

I, like so many others, gained the utmost respect for UF for the way they handled the problem. UF made sure their students were safe and protected and followed the rules.

Now we go north to Tallahassee to Florida State University. There have been so many football players who, over the years, have committed crimes from misdemeanors to actual felonies. But they continually sweep it under the rug and give the players a slap on the wrist.

Most recently is the Jamies Winston case. He was accused of sexual assault (sound familiar, i.e. UF). So how do they handle a very similar case? They do anything to prevent Winston from being suspended and unable to play.

This has been an ongoing investigation for almost two years and nothing has been done, allowing Winston to play, receive the Heisman Trophy and lead FSU to a national championship. Meanwhile, the woman who reported the assault is still waiting for justice.

And this is not Winston's only offense in the last two years (stealing crab legs from Publix, causing serious damage with BB guns, jumping on a table and screaming obscenities, etc.).

I believe this has and still is damaging the school's reputation in the public's eyes. It appears to me that they think winning football games more important than integrity. Jimbo Fisher and the rest of the athletic department should be strongly disciplined and look to UF as an example of how to run an athletic department the correct way.

Ronald Perano