Letters to the Editor

Some options to boosting Bradenton-Palmetto bridge, downtown traffic

On Aug. 25 the Herald published an article regarding adding more lanes to the Green Bridge or the DeSoto Bridge or building a new bridge to handle the traffic.

The Green Bridge has street lights down the center of the bridge. If you moved these lights to the outside of the bridge, you could move the concrete dividers to provide an extra lane to go south. You would have to add another lane on the south side to at least Third Avenue West by encroaching on the museum and art building's property.

If much of this traffic wants to go south, you could divert it to Third Avenue going to Highway 301.

If you took the space on the south side of Third Avenue from Ninth Street to 301 and added two lanes, you would have two lanes in each direction, providing extra access to the center of Bradenton and better access to the Manatee Players theater and all the new apartments that have recently been put up.

Jim Murray

BradentonEditor's note: Jim Murray's letter is being reprinted due to inadvertent editing that left out a key detail.