Letters to the Editor

Manatee County school board candidate Mary Cantrell breaks rules

I watched a debate for election to the school board with Julie Aranibar and Mary Cantrell recently. A degree in education does not necessarily qualify one to sit on the school board. That requires understanding policy and the ability to govern.

I noticed that Ms. Cantrell put the MTI logo on her signs, which is not allowed by school board policy.

At a recent First Friday event at Lakewood Ranch, Ms. Cantrell had a campaign table. I know that political activity is not allowed on Main Street. I'm sure she was aware, but she did it anyway. Seems she makes her own rules.

Members of the school board do not teach classes, they govern the district. They are required to know policy and finance matters and ensure that dollars are spent on classrooms. Poor management is what crumbled this district.

Rules have been ignored at this time and this will probably follow through if we elect those who cannot follow the rules.

Ms. Aranibar has worked diligently to ensure our finances are in order and has complied with the law. She has made sure all the information is on their website. She has earned my vote and support.

Joan Shirey

East Manatee