Letters to the Editor

Charlie Crist unworthy of Florida governor's office with all his policy switches

I simply cannot believe that Charlie Crist is even being considered by the voters for a return to the governor's mansion.

How does one go from being a conservative pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, strong on crime (remember chain-gang Charlie?) Republican to a liberal pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-pot, soft on felons, liberal Democrat within four years and have any credibility with voters?

Isn't Charlie the embodiment of everything we supposedly detest in politicians? He has got some serious nerve trying to pull this charade off.

Rick Scott may not be a political rock star, but he has a strong record of leadership and accomplishments and that is what should count.

Remember we have a political rock star in the White House ... how's that going?

Substance and character do matter.

Jonathan Bruce