Letters to the Editor

Reasons to reject Mary Cantrell and vote Julie Aranibar to Manatee County school board

What you need to know before you vote:

For those of you who have returned from your summer vacation, we are now in the general election for Manatee County school board between Julie Aranibar and Mary Cantrell. All three of our local newspapers endorsed Ms. Aranibar for the steadfastness and her strong desire to make a difference for the education of our children under difficult times.

Reasons not to vote for Mary Cantrell.

1. Mary Cantrell entered the race entirely for revenge after being fired from Manatee Technical Institute.

2 Internal auditors stated the MTI's financial records were deemed "un-auditable."

3. Ms. Cantrell didn't run a parallel system while implementing a new computer system.

4. The school board didn't review financials for almost a year because of computer problems.

5. Almost $4 million was unaccounted for during this time.

6. Ms. Cantrell gave some employees credit cards for school business only, but they used them for personal items.

7. These employees weren't required to have any purchase orders or pre-authorizations.

8. Ms. Cantrell homesteads in Pinellas County and has voted in Pinellas for the last 18 years.

9. Ms. Cantrell doesn't think she needs to follow rules, guidelines, policies or the law.

10. She collects two retirements from the Florida Educational Drop Program. Do you get two retirements from the taxpayers?

13. Mary Cantrell has no integrity and should not be elected to the school board.

We already have one board member acting like a child when he doesn't get his way, and we don't need another.

Peggy Martin

East Manatee County