Letters to the Editor

Longtime Republican dismayed by GOP's direction

Since my first tentative venture into a voting booth, I have been a registered Republican. My family had always voted that way ... Eisenhower, Reagan, George H.W. seemed right to me.

Then came the war on Iraq that proved to be totally unnecessary. Unbudgeted.

The balanced budget was wiped away and taxes were cut! Our middle-class income had slipped downward. By the time a new person became president, this time a Democrat, the country was in debt, bridges were falling apart, highways needed repair, unemployment was way up, our schools were falling behind other developed countries and health care was a hodge-podge of insurance available only if one could afford it. We hoped the (our) new president could get us out of this mess!

Then, to my dismay, the head of the Republican Party, my party, declared his priority list was topped by getting rid of the new president. When that failed, he and apparently a lot of Republicans made a pact to discourage, dismember and discombobulate all efforts made by the party in power to succeed.

Just when we needed a clutch of intelligent, patriotic persons from both parties to use common sense and cooperation in handling our abundance of problems, half refused. Move over, Charlie Crist.

Carolyn Schneider