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Letter of the Week, Oct. 5-11: Peter Bobrek

Diana Moreland will be great judge on Court of Appeal

Originally published on Oct. 9

There couldn't be a better or finer person than Judge Diana Moreland for a seat on the state Court of Appeal. I will never forget Judge Diana Moreland. I am so grateful that she was a public defense attorney; otherwise, my life could have been ruined.

She saw that I was innocent. I realized she had an uphill battle, but I told her that the truth will prevail.

I was arrested in 1998 coming home from work on Longboat Key. I was accused of hitting a car in front of me at a traffic light.

The problem with this accusation was that I didn't have a dent or a scratch on my car. I was taken to the downtown station. They gave me a breathalyzer test, and then accused me of driving under the influence.

I had just got out work 10 minutes ago; there was no way I could have drank the amount they said I did.

We later realized that the breathalyzer was tipped off because I was painting earlier that day and I had acetate in my blood.

The court date kept getting postponed; it was bordering on a year.

Finally court day came, and I was put on the stand. The prosecutor asked me several questions, one of them was: "What did you have to eat that day." I replied, "Two slices of bread two slices of cheese."

The prosecutor immediately snapped back at me, "Why did you tell the officer you had a cheese sandwich then?" I replied, "If you take two slices of bread and two slices of cheese you make a cheese sandwich." The courtroom burst with laughter.

It took 10 minutes for the jury to come out with the verdict of not guilty.

Thank you, Judge Diana Moreland, you will make a great judge on the state Court of Appeal.

Peter Bobrek


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