Letters to the Editor

A Democrat supports GOP Manatee County Commissioner Carol Whitmore for re-election

I am a liberal tree-hugging Democrat who supports Carol Whitmore for Manatee County commission. I have been an animal advocate for many years and other than a commissioner who surrendered four dogs to Animal Services, Ms. Whitmore was the first commissioner to visit the county shelter.

She was a driving force that committed the county to attempt to go No Kill. When Whitmore first became a commissioner, 40 dogs and cats were euthanized daily. While we face challenges to the No Kill goal, the numbers have been drastically reduced.

One of the many strengths of Commissioner Whitmore is her devotion to helping the downtrodden and underprivileged. I remember during a free pet vaccination clinic last May in a disadvantaged neighborhood where Carol offered to personally pay for vaccinations for pets of owners who did not arrive early enough to be included in the 100-pet limit, and had waited in line for about three hours.

She and her husband have spent countless hours providing medical assistance for people at the One Stop Center for the homeless. The Tampa Bay Lightning were so impressed with Carol's philanthropic efforts and her intrepid climb from adversity they chose her as the recipient of the only Community Hero awarded to a politician. She received $50,000, which she donated to animal and homeless programs.

In addition to her kind acts, the positive economic impact of her work with the Port of Manatee will reverberate for Manatee County for many years.

I am voting for the Republican Carol Whitmore for Manatee County commissioner because she walks the walk.

Laurie Crawford