Letters to the Editor

Councilman Patrick Roff's leadership skill boost Bradenton

I am a retired U.S. Navy commander. My experiences around the world have been more than interesting as have been the various communities and people I have had the great opportunity to work with in so many ways.

I am now happy to call Bradenton my family's home. It has been a great decision because Bradenton is a community that is growing and moving forward without losing the strong community ties and sense of belonging that are essential to what anyone considers when they think of "home."

These community attributes don't just happen and are often lost as towns are engulfed in efforts to grow. It takes solid leadership to guide and influence a community to move forward on a solid path, maintaining identity, and provide an environment that enables a person to see a viable vision of their future in that community.

It is leadership that is engaged, tenacious, and sees the bigger picture that makes this kind of environment happen, and it is not by coincidence that Bradenton Councilman Patrick Roff demonstrates this kind of leadership.

On any given day of the week you can find this Mr. Roff walking through neighborhoods, speaking with members of his community, sharing ideas and keeping people apprised of current efforts. Mr. Roff epitomizes authentic leadership: he is transparent, balanced and aware of his impact on the community, and is engaged in his efforts.

He is directly responsible for the revitalization of Wares Creek, the cessation of neighborhood decay that has plagued so many Florida communities during the recession, and positive movement of property values in our neighborhoods.

I look forward to the future with our community and I look forward to Patrick Roff leading the way.

Pete Berardi