Letters to the Editor

Marijuana doesn't kill, but alcohol, tobacco do

After reading Bill Orr's letter twice ("Legal marijuana will only bring more criminal activity," Oct. 4), I read it for a third time ... and yet still came up scratching the proverbial head.

As he conflated several different conspiracy memes/nonsensical numbers -- the U.S. market "just increased their profit by 1000 percent," "Ten million illegals will help" via "well-organized and funded youth that have been crossing our southern border" while aided by "well-paid American officials at all levels to help them set this up" -- he managed to make the world net daily site trump even the Fox News Channel being a genuinely well-informed outlet. Incredible.

Luckily, the Herald saw fit to print a viable counterpoint the following day in the Letters to the Editor via Bart Powell, "Argument against medical pot ignores several points."

But, just as reason has surely won the day, on the opposite page our venerable Sheriff Brad Steube, not unlike op-eds per our honorable Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and others in weeks past, makes the argument that "Medical pot amendment too lenient, open to abuse."

Fact: Alcohol continues to kill 400,000-plus people per year.

Fact: Tobacco continues to kill 400,000-plus people per year.

Fact: Quasi-legal "marijuana" substitutes, i.e., K-2, Spice, et al., to this day sold all across Florida convenience stores, continue to send users to emergency rooms and worse (although I'm sincerely glad you've finally gotten the Florida pill mills under control).

Fact: There has never been one single documented death solely attributed to marijuana usage in world history.

Think about it, people.

Lance Abbring