Letters to the Editor

Fight establishment, vote Terri Wonder for Manatee County commissioner

The good ole boys, establishment, dark force, have and have nots, backroom bureaucrats, clusters of power, special interests, the machine, and Manatee mafia. All are cliques have been in existence for too long in Manatee County.

These are the same roster of persons who donate to get their candidates elected. They thrive on the electoral process and apathy.

They are involved with political action committees. The game plan to distort a candidate or incumbent who won't agree with their agenda is out of control.

The usual process of the high rollers is to scout for potential candidates that will fit into the majority of four votes on the Manatee Board of County Commissioners.

The upcoming Nov. 4, 2014 county commission race is the most important election I can recall. The At Large District 6 must be defeated.

Ever since Hometown Democracy (HD) was defeated and Betsy Benac elected to the BOCC, land use changes to our comprehensive plan's (the enacted Growth Management Act) are rampant.

We have a chance to undo this mess. Vote for Terri Wonder Nov. 4, 2014.

Katie Pierola