Letters to the Editor

Manatee County should halt 'no-bid' deal, listen to waster hauler's ideas

Because of my letter to the editor about the "no bid" $140 million garbage contract, I was contacted by a company that wants to bid on it if the Manatee County commissioners relent on their no-bid stance.

Waste Corporation of America's representative said if the county were to want an "apples to apples" bid, he could guarantee they would bid significantly less than the current price.

He said they would welcome being held accountable about the company's quality of service.

There were some things that I haven't read. He also stated they would build a compressed natural gas (CNG) plant in Manatee County for their trucks. They would also be willing to partner with the county to provide CNG for the county's fleet of vehicles.

CNG is a much cleaner-burning fuel than gasoline or diesel and would be much better for the environment.

It doesn't stop there. According to him, the county is not getting a nickel from its current recycling part of the "no-bid" contract. His company would be willing to share the profits from recycling -- a new revenue stream for the county without any cost to it!

In my opinion, commissioners should table the current "no-bid" contract. They should consider a public hearing in the evening so that those citizens who work could attend.

Probably not going to happen. Garbage is not a sexy subject.

Craig Trigueiro, M.D.

Lakewood Ranch