Letters to the Editor

Debate exposed Terri Wonder as unsuitable for Manatee County commission election

Regarding the Whitmore/Wonder debate, Manatee Tiger Bay:

Who is better prepared to be the commissioner at large? Without a doubt, my vote is for Carol Whitmore.

After listening to debate No, 2, I am a bit uneasy with Terri Wonder's comments and responses. Specifically, "My dad always said that I was 'pretty enough to find a man to marry and take care of her'."

Terri, my father always told me I was pretty and encouraged me to go to college and pursue a career where I could always take care of myself, hence, I became a registered nurse. That career took me to a professional life and very demanding career where I work many hours every week.

Despite those hours, my dad also taught me that it was my duty to "vote." No excuses! I never missed an election.

The decisions of "who to or who not to vote for" are tough and as a family we held our own debates.

You did not show up for the tough decisions; how can you hold an office where you are going to be faced with the tough decisions hourly?

You commented on "keeping quiet" helping alcoholism; why "keep quiet" on such an epidemic affecting so many? Is it too tough for you to expose the truth?

Where were you before animal No Kill? I couldn't understand your answer because you skirted around it. We know where you were -- keeping quiet.

Manatee County needs a voice, not a quiet, nonvoting representative. You are not prepared for the tough decisions. Whitmore has a voice and she is not keeping quiet, her transparency in leading Manatee County is applauded.

Patti Hanna

Bradenton Beach