Letters to the Editor

Bearded Clam should be allowed to play music

I have been a resident of Bradenton since 1978. I have seen a lot of changes in this town, and lately I have been seeing a “disturbing trend.” I am writing in support of a new business on the waterfront.

The Bearded Clam is a new restaurant that has really been making a difference, bringing life back to a dying area.

They obviously employ a number of people and provide a needed entertainment venue to a otherwise lifeless area. I am one of the people adversely affected by the discriminatory policies that are being wastefully enforced.

A couple of people have decided to complain about noise when there is music playing outside. (Not loudly by the way. I know.) So now you have bad neighbors with an agenda. Shut down a beautiful, productive, job-producing entity that is an asset to the community.

What are the local politicians thinking? Squeaky wheel gets the grease? How about replacing the whole bearing by taking a stand for the betterment of Bradenton.

If the representatives will not listen to what the people want, unfortunately for them, it will be politically terminal for the current representatives, Michael Gallen, John Chappie, Robin DiSabintino and Joe McClash.

This may be a lone email; however. there are hundreds who stand behind it. All voters.

Al Owen