Letters to the Editor

Strangers from same small town share Christmas tales

Christmas is a miracle and I love it.

This week, I was reading our local Parrish Village News and it brought back many memories of my Christmases as a child.

Pastor Bell Straitwell wrote of his favorite Christmas growing up. One was going to do “The Messiah” in New Castle, Pa.

I was born in New Castle, Pa., in 1935. My Dad, as a child, never had a Christmas tree. He said when my sister and I were born, his girls would always have a tree no matter how poor we were. It brought back many memories as a child.

One Christmas, my family lived with our grandparents, who did not believe in Christmas. My Dad put up a small tree in their bedroom. We hung our stockings for Santa on the dresser drawer knob. We always got an apple, orange, candy cane and a small toy.

Another Christmas my Dad, after World War II was over, was supposed to be home for Christmas. He didn’t get home until March. We still had our tree up, minus needles, with little gifts for him.

Pastor Straitwell remembered eating at Coney Island, which sold the best hot dogs around. After my Dad retired from the Army, my mother worked at Coney Island for 30 years.

Everyone knew Minnie. She retired in her 70s and until her death in her 80s she still talked about going back to Coney Island to work. What a small, wonderful world.

When we do visit my sister and brother-in-law in Butler, Pa. (30 miles from New Castle), we still go to New Castle for Coney Island and visit childhood friends from long ago.

What a small world. Two people who live in a small community of Parrish and don’t know each other and have fondest childhood Christmas memories of small town in western Pennsylvania.

Joe Boever