Letters to the Editor

Will low-speed vehicles create new problems?

Low-speed vehicles to reduce traffic congestion? Crawling along at 10 mph, the drivers with a cell phone stuck in their ear and texting. The road ragers stacking up behind them, waiting to go 50 mph in the 35 mph zones.

Quote Hugh Holmes, “You enjoy the vacation, the sky and your surroundings a lot more. You get out into the elements.” Oh yes, Florida’s quick, afternoon cloud-burst rain storms!

The Green Hopper will have ads on the exterior for you to read and enjoy! How about this: a television will be in the seats, so you won’t miss the soap operas. You can watch the scenery on the Travel Channel.

These vehicles will start a new business for someone. A fleet of small tow trucks to give a quick charge or tow the ones with dead batteries.

Don Dover