Letters to the Editor

Religious community holds to several baffling positions

It baffles me how some individuals within the religious community insist on holding all American citizens to the letter of the Constitution for their religious benefits while they pick and choose which parts of their very own doctrine to enforce or ignore.

How is that decided? Are Sabbath day sinners (Exodus 35:2) punished exactly as the same sex sinners? (Leviticus 20:13) According to the Bible, the punishment for both is the same -- death.

It also baffles me how any religious organization that teaches, encourages, allows and legislates bigotry and discrimination toward a selected group of law-abiding, tax-paying American citizens in accordance to their selected Scriptures is seemingly incapable of tolerating the slightest rejection of their own advances, all the while enjoying a tax-free status as well as special legal rights and protections.

As the believers attempt to ensure justification through the Constitution in order to further their cause, let’s not ignore the 14th Amendment that guarantees equal protection. This should be applied to all religions in America.

Since the Manatee County commissioners obviously need all the help they can get, and as divine intervention is necessary and apparently working, in compliance with the Constitution, all public meetings should require a prayer from all religious groups within America in order to be fair and equal to everyone, so as not to risk compromising the commissioners’ decision-making abilities, or offend anyone attending any tax-funded public venue.

Before any prayer is allowed within any secular forum, all religious groups and organizations within the county must provide proof they have paid their fair share of taxes. This includes state, federal, sales, and property. Just like all other attending and affected county residents and business owners have.

After all, religion is a choice, and therefore doesn’t require or deserve any special treatment, special rights, exemptions or protection.

Glenn Robinson