Letters to the Editor

Prayer should not be confined to church, home

Everyday as I turn to the Letters to the Editor, I wonder if I am going to be amused, shocked, surprised, dismayed, or totally overwhelmed by the opinions expressed. On many days I wanted to send in my comments regarding certain writers and their statements, especially when it became a publicized dispute among several.

The political bickering is interesting reading, but a Democrat will not win over a Republican and visa versa. The dispute regarding God and praying is absolutely beyond normal comprehension and because of it I refer you to the two letters in the Dec. 8 Herald from Tom Durante and Billie Carol Bandstra, which impressed me as being worthwhile to take time to comment on as I totally agree with both.

Praying is not confined to one’s home or church and no one should feel intimidated by those who chose not to pray. If we keep eliminating prayer out of our lives, it is just a matter of time before we will not be permitted to pray before a meal at Applebee’s. Nonsense!

Ms. Bandstra’s letter is a true description of the situation in the United States. History has proven the fact that each ruling empire fell from moral decay within along with rejecting God and resulting in anarchy. And yes, we are at the very threshold of such a disaster.

And those who study Bible prophecy know the signs are very evident. We cannot convince those who do not believe in God and prayer, we can only pray for them and ask God to work in their lives. But do not interfere with those of us who do pray.

For those of us who do believe in God and pray, we need to start praying more. God does answer prayers!

Elaine Rosier