Letters to the Editor

Brace for the onslaught of political ads by big business

Are you ready for those campaign ads, boys and girls? They promise to be plentiful and ugly this season because of all the money out there.

This influx of money is due to the repeal of the McCain-Feingold bill, a bill that set limits on the amount of money big corporations could contribute to political campaigns and to keep them from buying an election. But since big business wanted no part of that, they used a right-leaning Supreme Court to have it overruled. Now they can contribute as much as they want.

A Florida politician said it best: “Now a lobbyist can walk into my office and tell me he has $5 million to spend and he can spend it for me or against me.”

How do you think politicians who accept this money will vote when they have to choose between saving Social Security or eliminating tax loopholes for big banks? Or when it’s between funding Medicare or taxing the $1.4 trillion in offshore corporate accounts?

And don’t think that there is a shortage of money in the corporate wallets, folks, because they have over a trillion dollars in cash, money they could use to create jobs but will use instead to buy the next election.

Just think, in a few years this great country will not be for the people but for big oil, Wall Street and big pharmaceuticals.

Oh, one more thing, in case you’re not mad enough yet. Political contributions are tax deductible so the big boys can not only buy a politician, but they can deduct the cost from their taxes if they pay any. Is this a great country or what?

William Roberts