Letters to the Editor

Politicians bribe electorate with debt-raising benefits

Reading letters to the editor, it is obvious the Takers have no clue as to the damage they do to our country. (These are not the needy; American generosity takes care of them). Takers continue to expect the federal politicians (the Major Takers) to bribe them for votes.

When Takers think “United States” or “US,” they don’t seem to make the connection that ultimately the “US” is us -- the Makers. Makers create and earn the wealth that the federal politicians take from us by force of law and threat of punishment.

They continue to use our money to bribe Takers for votes. Unfortunately, the money needed to satisfy the Takers is more than the Makers can give up in taxes.

To fill this gap, the federal politicians have borrowed from China, India and Japan over $15 trillion that we can’t pay back as long as the bribery continues.

I wonder if Takers ever notice how their greed ultimately affects a country? Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, the PIGS, have been digging a debt hole as fast as the United States. The PIGS are now begging Germany, who is the strongest economy in the eurozone, to bail them out.

The Germans are reluctant to pour their money into the PIGS sty unless they give up the right to Germany to control how the PIGS spend Germany’s money.

Last month the US national debt eclipsed the GDP. We owe more than our economy can generate in a year. Our future is beginning to look a lot like the PIGS. Instead of Germany, we may have China, India and Japan deciding how our federal government spends.

We need to let the Takers provide for themselves. If we don’t stop spending we’ll be hearing “press 1 for Chinese, 2 for Hindi, or 3 for Japanese.”

James Troxler