Letters to the Editor

Improve public schools by giving teachers more power

On the Nov. 28 TV show “Rock Center,” they conducted an investigation about cheating in the Atlanta school system (and in other states). The teachers were changing test scores to show improvements in education and how teachers were financially rewarded by this!

What do they expect when you offer bonuses for teacher and student improvement! If it is not already, it will be happening in Florida with the new teacher and school rewards program. As indicated in many studies the FCAT is a waste of money and our children are taught how to pass a test -- not real learning!

Do away with the FCAT and put the money into real education! The government and school boards cow-tows to minority groups and only allow limited authority to the teachers.

If you really want to see improvement in school grades, give the teachers back the power to control the class room. Most children today want to learn but the liberal school system allows the rowdy children to disrupt classes and deprives the majority of our children from getting a quality education!

Robert Petty