Letters to the Editor

People should understand English to earn drivers license

I have two teenagers who recently got their drivers licenses. However, in order for that to happen they had to take a four-hour drug test plus study hard to learn the road signs and the rules of the road to get their certificates to be able to get their licenses at the DMV.

While at the DMV waiting for them to take there actual driving test, I witnessed not once but two times where older Hispanics came in for a drivers license. They had a translator with them because they could not speak a word of English.

I watched these people who could not read, speak or write English get a license. I would like to know why American citizens have to study hard and pay money to get all the certificates needed here in Florida to obtain a drivers license, when it’s obvious that they will give a license to a foreigner with no English skills at all.

If the DMV of Florida is so concerned with drivers on the road, then shouldn’t the DMV make all non-English-speaking citizens learn English and take all the required testing and certificates needed that they make teenagers take? Spanish signs might be everywhere but they are not on road signs.

J.B. McGovern