Letters to the Editor

Washington elected officials fail while others succeed

Our city councils in Bradenton, Palmetto and elsewhere have serious disagreements but always seem to give a little on each side and solve their problems.

Our school board and county commission have many more diverse decisions, but always settle these with few misgivings.

Even our state Legislature, with representatives and senators from many different areas of the state and with “my backyard” legislation at stake, comes to agreement.

So why can’t the highly paid, expensively elected, well-traveled people we elect to represent us in Washington sit down and reach a joint decision on how to govern us and not spend more then our income?

The ultimate decision seems to be: eliminate Democrats, Republicans, the tea party and any other splinter groups and elect representatives and senators who will represent we the people and who are sworn to reach a common agreement on any controversial subject.

William F. “Rusty” Russell