Letters to the Editor

Business ‘managers’ create own mess, deserve failure

I find myself laughing at the naïvety and short-sightedness of the so-called “business managers” here in the Sarasota/Bradenton area when they are constantly complaining about a lack of qualified candidates for jobs. I have started, grown, and sold two highly successful businesses and worked for three Fortune 500 companies in my life.

Now I am semi-retired, living here in Bradenton two years, and was looking for a part-time job to keep me busy and was completely appalled at the number of “managers” who haven’t got a clue as to what their businesses need or even how to conduct a proper interview, and they wonder why they can’t get quality employees?

Even sadder is the story of a son of a neighbor. He’s a high school senior, honor student, active in sports and after-school activities who went looking for a part-time holiday job at some retail stores. He was told that he didn’t have the right qualifications for a retail job. When he asked what qualifications were necessary, he was told: “We really aren’t sure; we hope we will know them when we see them.”

Is it any wonder why the American business climate is a total shambles and the laughingstock of the entire world? This country has to get itself turned around and it has to do it quickly before there is nothing left.

As for the “businesses” here in this area, I hope they all close; it would serve them right for their short-sightedness and their stupidity because I for one have absolutely no sympathy for any of them. They brought the mess they are in on themselves and they can suffer the consequences of it.

David Allen